Jacob was used to Amanda being undressed in front of other people.  She had been modeling for several years before they married.  After a while, she outgrew the local photographers.  Using an online profile to connect with photographers in other cities, Amanda frequently traveled for modeling gigs.  She made a decent living, and Jacob never had any complaints about the cash Amanda brought home.

Amanda was a striking woman.  She was tall, nearly 5’10” with long dyed blonde hair.  She kept her skin tan at the tanning salon and her body lean and toned at the gym.  Her bright blue eyes and thick lips were enough to make any man weak in the knees.  She recognized early in her life that her looks were her strongest asset and learned how to profit by selling her sex appeal.

Despite having a body most women would kill for, Amanda still felt inadequate.  She craved bigger breasts.  Her B-cups were proportional to her frame, but she wanted them bigger, much bigger.  She was convinced that she could make more money and book more modeling gigs if she had double Ds.  However, breast augmentation surgery remained out of her budget.  Amanda wasn’t good enough at managing money to save up for such a large purchase.

Amanda frequently begged Jacob to buy her boobs, but he couldn’t afford them either.  She insisted that he take out a loan, but his credit rating wasn’t high enough for any reputable lender’s approval.  He fantasized about a more buxom version of his wife, but for now they would both have to be satisfied with her humble breasts.

“Hey honey!  Great news!”

Amanda bounced into the apartment with childlike enthusiasm.

“What is it?” asked Jacob.

“Bruce said he would buy me boobs!”

Bruce had been Amanda’s manager for almost a year.  His contacts in the industry had helped her career immensely.  He had probably seen Amanda naked more times than Jacob, but it was in a professional context.  He seemed like a decent guy and Jacob trusted him with his wife.  Bruce had always been generous with his time and resources, but his latest offer seemed too good to be true.

“Do you have to pay him back?”

“No!  He said it was a gift to me.  It’s an investment since he can make more money off of me if I have bigger tits.”  Amanda hesitated for a moment.  “There is one catch though.”

Jacob looked at her suspiciously.  “What is it?”

“He says he wants to get the first squeeze.”

Jacob laughed.  “Are you serious?”

“Yeah.  If he is shelling out the cash, he wants to inspect his investment.”

“Just a squeeze?  Nothing else?”  Jacob shrugged his shoulders.  “I can live with that.”

He may not get to squeeze them first, but Jacob would certainly squeeze them plenty of times in the future.  Jacob and Amanda were both excited about the coming modification, but for different reasons.


A month later, Amanda went in for surgery.  Jacob was amazed by the huge boobs that now perched upon his wife’s chest.  He wanted to grab them, but honored his agreement.  Amanda was much too sore anyway.

After the swelling subsided, Amanda invited Bruce over to their apartment to “inspect his investment.”  Jacob wasn’t thrilled that Amanda would allow Bruce to fondle her breasts in front of him, but he conceded that it made it less creepy than if they were alone somewhere.

Jacob answered a knock on the door.

“Where are those melons?” said Bruce as he walked in.

Amanda strutted from the bedroom wearing a skimpy red tank top and jeans shorts.  She purchased the top before her alteration, and it wasn’t big enough to contain her new boobs.  The thin fabric stretched over her plump breasts, and her nipples poked through.

“Are you ready for the first squeeze?” she asked flirtatiously.

Bruce appeared offended.  “Take off your shirt, woman.  Let me get the full experience.”

Jacob assumed that Bruce would simply want to squeeze Amanda’s tits through her shirt.  Skin on skin contact seemed much too intimate.  But that detail wasn’t negotiated in their agreement.

Amanda peeled the tight shirt off of her torso, and her luscious breasts popped free.  Jacob had seen his wife naked in front of Bruce and other men before, but this time felt different.  Bruce smiled and moved closer to Amanda, his palms in front of him.

Jacob’s stomach turned as he watched Bruce touch Amanda’s surgically enhanced breasts.  His hands cupped each one and slowly increased pressure.  He massaged them softly, never taking his eyes off of them.  He gave one final firm squeeze before releasing them.

He chuckled, “I think I got my money’s worth.”


In the coming weeks, Amanda’s modeling career seemed to take off.  Apparently, large breasts did help book more gigs.  Amanda traveled nearly every weekend.  She spent more and more time in L.A. and brought home more money.

Jacob was pleased that the household income had increased and that Amanda was finding new success in the modeling industry.  He also enjoyed his time alone.  With Amanda gone much of the time, Jacob could spend his time doing whatever he pleased.

Sitting alone one Saturday evening, Jacob decided to navigate to an online porn site.  He hadn’t viewed much porn since Amanda came into his life; she satisfied all his desires.  However, with her in L.A. so frequently, Jacob found himself with urges that were left unsatisfied.

The site had plenty of free teaser videos that would certainly serve to get Jacob off.  He unzipped his pants and began stroking his cock.  All of the women were sexy, and seeing them getting fucked by well-endowed men got Jacob hard in no time.

He especially liked one video in particular.  It was a close-up shot of a veiny cock plunging into a shaved pussy.  As the video played over and over, Jacob stroked his cock and became lost in a daze.  He realized why he fixated on this clip; the pussy looked very similar to Amanda’s.  The skin tone was identical, it was shaved clean just like Amanda’s, and it appeared to have a similar shape.

Jacob began imagining that it really was Amanda.  How taboo it would be to watch some other guy’s cock inside of his wife’s pussy.  That thought nearly drove him to the edge, but Jacob calmed himself.  He wasn’t ready to come yet.  There were a dozen more videos to watch.

Jacob closed that popup and scrolled to the next video clip.  The description stated it was the same couple.  When the movie started to play, Jacob stopped stroking his cock and stared intently at the screen.

“Amanda?” he said out loud.

There was no doubt about it.  Amanda’s face was clearly visible in this clip.  She wore more makeup than normal, but it was definitely her.  The pussy he had just watched getting fucked was indeed that of his wife.  Now he could see her whole body, sprawled naked on a bed with some stranger between her legs.  Her mouth hung open, and she moaned with each thrust.  The smacking sounds of the man’s hips against Amanda’s thighs echoed from Jacob’s computer speakers.

How could she do this to me?

Clearly, Amanda did not get her implants to enhance her modeling career; she got them for her porn career.  Bruce was not just a model manager, he was also a porn agent.

Jacob was angry; he was hurt; he was nauseous.  Unable to watch anymore, he closed the video.  Morbid curiosity motivated him to scroll to the next video in line.

At first, all Jacob could see was a big cock and shaven balls.  Female fingers wrapped around the cock, and a luscious pair of lips descended onto the head.  Amanda sucked the man’s cock while staring seductively into the camera, seemingly looking right into Jacob’s eyes.

He quickly closed the video, hoping to mentally scrub the image from his mind.  The next video he opened did not feature his wife; another anonymous couple was engaged in aggressive sex.

Jacob was both relieved and disappointed.  He needed more evidence; he wanted more action.  Each video clip had brief information under the link.  The name of the female star in these videos was purported to be “Mandy Cain,” but he knew her as Amanda.

Once he learned her porn name, Jacob searched the rest of the site for more porn clips starring Mandy Cain.  There were none.

He left the site and performed a quick search for “Mandy Cain.”  A dozen results yielded more videos and still pictures.  Amanda was naked in every single one.

The first clip Jacob opened featured Amanda, or “Mandy,” riding some muscular guy.  Her fake tits bounced as she pounded her ass against his hips.

Next, Jacob watched a video of Mandy with another girl.  Like many men, Jacob often fantasized about a threesome with his wife and another girl.  He never thought she would go for it.  He couldn’t help but be intrigued by the proof that she was in fact willing to fool around with women.  Mandy licked the clit of some stranger while fingering herself.  After the second cycle of this clip, Jacob moved on to the next.

At first, it seemed to be another lesbian encounter, but soon he realized it was much more.  The camera focused on Mandy eating a different girl’s pussy.  When it zoomed out, Jacob saw another stranger fucking his wife from behind.  Apparently she was into threesomes.

Jacob leaned back in his chair, watching his wife sandwiched between a man and a woman.  He glanced down at his cock and was surprised by what he saw.  Not only was it erect, it had been hard the entire time.  Jacob was actually turned on by finding out his wife was a porn star.

Rather than attempting to perform self-psychoanalysis, Jacob opted to go with the flow.  He returned his hand to his cock and began stroking it again.  As he scrolled through the various pictures and videos of “Mandy Cain,” Jacob brought himself to the brink of climax.

He found some content that showed her with much smaller boobs.  Apparently she had been working in porn for a while, but was obviously getting more work with her fake tits.

When Jacob saw a big cock pushing into Amanda’s ass, he nearly lost it.  He had pressured her for anal sex early in their relationship, but she always declined.  Now he watched some stranger destroy her ass on the internet.  Yet it didn’t slow him down.

After a few more strokes, Jacob brought himself to orgasm, aided by the online pornography featuring his wife.  The video continued to loop on the screen as Jacob cleaned up his mess.

There were more videos, but they required credit card information to access.  Jacob wondered what secrets they held but was not willing to pay to see some guy fuck his wife.

Amanda was a knockout; there was no denying that.  Her surgically enhanced breasts made her even more physically desirable.  Jacob had always supported her in using her body to make money.  However, this was a step he never thought she would take.  Judging by the looks on her face in the videos, she was enjoying herself.  She was bringing home plenty of money.  And now there was an added benefit – it was getting Jacob off.

Jacob shut down the computer and went to bed.  He knew Amanda was probably shooting more scenes at that moment like the ones he just witnessed.  He looked forward to the next round of videos she would create.

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