Ray began snapping pictures of Jordan.  Lori wasn't quite in the mood yet, but Ray could tell that after a few more drinks, she'd be posing as well.  She sat behind him watching Jordan contort her body into various provocative positions.

Jordan wanted to change outfits so she persuaded Lori to take a few shots while she was gone.  With a little coaxing, Lori stepped in front of the camera.  She had never modeled before and wasn't very good at posing.  She mimicked some of Jordan’s poses she had just witnessed.

Jordan came back and stood beside Lori and they began posing together.  Ray worried about Jordan's usual lesbian tendencies when being photographed with another girl.  He wasn't sure how Lori would react to being touched by another woman.

Things didn't get too graphic at first.  They were very classy pictures – some more arousing than others.  The alcohol seemed to be kicking in, and the two girls touched each other’s bodies frequently.  But soon they all decided to take a break and get back to the more serious task of drinking.

The trio sat in the living room of Ray's beach house and continued to intoxicate themselves.  It was a well-known fact that Lori had a very low tolerance and would begin acting goofy after only a few drinks.  Jordan was on her way to drunkenness as well, even though Ray was only a little tipsy.

Ray was a professional photographer but he developed a good friendship with Jordan during their many photo shoots over the years.  Although separated by more than two decades, they seemed to have a lot in common.

Ray recently met Lori and had been trying to talk her into modeling.  He hoped Jordan, being an experienced model, could bring Lori out of her shell.  He invited both girls to his house that night in hopes of getting Lori started in a modeling career.

Jordan was tall and lean with long blonde hair.  Lori was shorter and had shoulder-length brown hair.  They were both attractive in their own way, and Ray enjoyed the unlikely scenario of having two hot young women in his house.

Ray joked about the photo session thus far.  “I didn’t know this shoot was going to turn into hardcore girl-on-girl action.”

Jordan laughed, “We know you like it.”

Lori chimed in.  “Guys always want to see two girls together.”

Jordan turned to Lori.  “Hey, let’s do some lingerie shots together.”

Ray’s ears perked up and he leaned forward in his chair, awaiting Lori’s response.

Lori was reluctant.  “I don’t know.  I’m not used to posing in my underwear.  I’m not a hot model like you.”

Lori appeared to be rigid in her refusal.  However, in her intoxicated state, it did not take a great deal of prying to get her out of her seat.

They relocated to the master bedroom and Ray set up some lights.  The girls were in the attached bathroom getting ready while Ray eagerly waited.

Lori came out wearing a conservative yet sexy baby-blue camisole and matching shorts.  Jordan followed in a much more revealing black teddy that barely covered her rear.  Her nipples were already erect and poking through her garment.  Ray knew this would be an R-rated show at best.

Ray powered up the camera and took a voyeuristic stance as the girls climbed onto the large bed.  Jordan wasted no time in striking suggestive poses with her inexperienced counterpart.  She wrapped her arms around Lori and stared lustfully into her eyes as Ray snapped the first pictures.  Then she pulled down the left shoulder strap of Lori's camisole to appear as if she were undressing the young girl.  She laid her head in Lori's lap peering up at her as if awaiting her first kiss.

Click, click.

Ray continued to snap pictures as the two sexy barely-clad girls frolicked on the bed together to the benefit of their male observer.  Ray was not the only one being turned on by the performance.  Lori's nipples were now erect and visible through her top.  Ray made sure to get some good close-up shots of that because he thought it would be the most indecent Lori would get.

Then in the boldest move yet, Jordan grabbed both of Lori's breasts and pressed her head firmly between them.  Click.  Ray hoped they would hold that pose long enough for him to get several shots just in case of a camera malfunction, but the girls were off in their own erotic lesbian fantasy world.  Hair began to swing wildly and hands groped skin.  Ray had never seen this side of Lori, and judging by the look on her face, neither had she.

Several times, the girls found themselves face to face in what looked like the precursor to a kiss, but it was only for the benefit of the camera.  When their seductive romp finally slowed down, they were facing each other on their knees.  Both of Jordan's straps were off of her shoulders, and her teddy was barely clinging onto her breasts.  Lori was breathing hard causing her bosom to heave as she moved closer and closer to Jordan.  Almost as if it had been planned, the two girls pressed their lips together for their first kiss.

Click, click, click.

It seemed to last forever, yet was over too quickly.  Ray managed to get several pictures before their lips separated, and they giggled at each other.  Lori and Jordan looked into each other’s eyes, both unsure of what they had done or what else might transpire.

The girls seemed to enjoy the reactions they were getting out of Ray and continued to pose suggestively, more for his benefit than their own.  Ray saw Jordan twisting her body with the teddy barely clinging on to the ends of her breasts.  He contemplated warning her of the impending drop.  However, this photo shoot was so much different from other situations where Ray would tend to be more of a gentleman.  He wanted to see Lori naked, and having Jordan’s clothes fall off might be a good ice-breaker.  Ray kept his mouth shut.

Inevitably, one slight movement of Jordan’s body in the wrong direction caused the right side of her top to slip off revealing one breast to Ray, Lori, and the camera.  She quickly pulled her top back up.

“Sorry,” she said bashfully.

“No need to apologize,” Ray assured her.  “We don’t have any rules here.”  He hoped Lori would feel the same way.

Things seemed to settle down a bit after that incident, but Ray hoped the evening wasn't over.  He thought about getting more drinks to further suppress the girls’ inhibitions.  But as soon as that thought went through his head, Lori slid her hand up Jordan's thigh onto her ass.  Ray snapped a picture of this exclusive shot.  He gave them some words of encouragement and the shoot began to heat up again.

Jordan staged a few shots where she pretended to be removing Lori's shorts.  This resulted in Lori's shorts hanging off of her hips revealing her silky blue panties.  Jordan licked Lori's body in various places, each more tantalizing than the last.  She then guided Lori's face towards her chest and awaited similar oral contact from Lori.  Lori seemed reluctant.

Jordan pulled at her shoulder straps as if to pull them off.  She looked at Ray and asked, “Is this okay?”

“Oh no, please don’t show me your boobs,” Ray chortled with a sarcastic tone.

Jordan laughed and unceremoniously dropped the top of her teddy to her waist.  Ray snapped pictures of her firm breasts on display.

Jordan guided Lori’s head toward her chest, reassuring her all the way.  Lori began to lick and suck on Jordan's nipples. 

Ray stepped forward to get good close-up shots of Lori’s tongue contacting Jordan’s tits.

Click, click, click, click.

Jordan stripped off her teddy so that she was wearing nothing but a black thong.  She had been in this sort of situation plenty of times before which intimidated Lori.  Lori still seemed a little nervous but was making no effort to stop the activity.  Her nipples were harder than ever, and she rarely took her eyes off of Jordan.

Then the moment Ray had truly been waiting for – Jordan began to tug Lori's camisole upward.  As it started to come off, Ray heard a slight protest from Lori.  However, Jordan either didn’t hear it or didn’t care because Lori's breasts were soon exposed to the lights.  Ray snapped several quick pictures in case she changed her mind and pulled her top back down.  If things continued no further, at least Ray had Lori's bare breasts in digital format.

Jordan and Lori posed topless together as if they were both completely comfortable with it.  Jordan was no stranger to being naked in front of a camera, and it didn't take too much imagination to picture her in porn.  Lori on the other hand, was very conservative and no doubt would not be behaving in such a manor if not for the alcohol and Jordan’s persuasion.  Nevertheless, Ray took advantage of it.

A hint of remorse washed over Ray.  Lori was clearly enjoying herself, but he wondered how she would feel about it in the morning.  For now, he would enjoy the exhibitionist lesbian sex show.

The girls kissed once more with their bare chests pressed together.  This kiss was much longer and more passionate than the first.  Ray thought he would fill up the camera’s memory card as they continued to make out and grope each other's half-naked bodies.  He was getting exactly what he wanted.

Jordan guided Lori to her back.  She kissed Lori's body from her neck to her stomach.  Once there, she pulled Lori’s shorts off of her hips and down her slender legs.  Next, she began to slip off Lori's panties.  Lori started to protest but Jordan pressed her lips against hers to silence her objections.

Jordan’s left hand pushed down the front of Lori’s blue panties and disappeared inside of them.  Hidden by the thin fabric, Ray couldn’t see what was happening underneath, but the motion indicated Jordan was rubbing Lori’s clit.

After a bit of digital stimulation, Lori was like putty in Jordan’s hands.  Moments later, her panties were off.  Ray got his first look at Lori’s pussy.  It was trimmed neatly which met with Ray's approval but was a far cry from Jordan’s nonexistent follicles that Ray preferred.

Jordan pulled Lori’s legs apart and descended between them.  Her long blonde hair hung over Lori’s hips blocking the view.  Ray tried to get some close-ups of Jordan licking Lori’s pussy, but it was hard to see.  He opted for a zoomed out shot to capture the whole scene.

And what a scene it was.

Lori lay naked on the white sheets with her mouth gaping open.  Jordan hunched over with her face in Lori's crotch and her thong-clad ass pointed toward the camera.  Ray tried to hide the fact that he was physically aroused, but no one was paying attention to him anyway.  Lori began to massage her breasts and nipples and moan quietly while Jordan orally stimulated her.

In a short time, Jordan worked her way back up Lori's body and lay on top of her.  She kissed her neck and shoulders as Lori's hands ran down Jordan's back to her bare butt cheeks.  Lori squeezed Jordan’s ass and seemed to dig her nails in.

Jordan pulled off her thong and now both girls were completely nude.  They continued to pose with each other in countless salacious positions.  They played with each other's breasts with their hands and mouths.  Ray made sure to get plenty of incriminating close-up shots of Lori with her mouth on any one of Jordan's body parts.

Ray thought of every possible fantasy he could and tried to live them all that night.  He talked the girls into masturbating side-by-side.  With their legs wide open and their pussies facing the camera, each girl wiggled their clit and fingered themselves for Ray’s enjoyment.  They moaned softly while Ray captured graphic zoomed-in shots of each girl’s vagina.

At Ray’s suggestion, Jordan and Lori began to play with each other’s pussies.  Jordan maneuvered Lori’s clit in small circles, faster and faster.  Lori stroked Jordan’s crotch, using her moans to determine her favorite spots.  Each continued to stimulate the other’s clit until they both achieved climax.  Jordan was more vocal while Lori only uttered a deep sigh.

Parts of Ray hoped this would turn into a threesome.  He had often fantasized about having sex with Jordan, and the addition of Lori was even more tantalizing.  However, he knew these sexy young girls would not be attracted to an overweight old man no matter how drunk they were.  Ray was happy to be a voyeur.

The two exhausted girls lay down beside each other on the bed, but made no effort to cover themselves.  Sweat glistened on their skin.  Ray stood on the bed and took some shots from above.  This sparked a short lived session where the girls groped and kissed each other a little more.

As Ray ran out of fantasies to suggest, the shoot began to cool down.  Although it had lasted for more than an hour, Ray was still disappointed when it ended.  But he had over 200 shots that undoubtedly would provide entertainment for years to come.

Ray promised to make a CD for each of them containing all of the pictures.  In reality, he omitted some of the most graphic shots from Lori’s CD, fearing that it might upset her.  Ray however, would pleasure himself many times looking at the erotic pictures of Lori and Jordan in their lesbian romp.  After all, this was the reason he became a photographer in the first place.

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