Anne had been stripping for almost six months. Ryan had not only become okay with his girlfriend being nearly nude in front of hundreds of horny guys, he started to enjoy it. State law required the girls to wear pasties and a thong, concealing the bare minimum. Although everyone got to see Anne dancing with her flesh exposed, Ryan was the only one who had access to the nitty-gritty.

Watching her give lap dances was hard for him to get used to, but even that became somewhat of a turn on, especially when the guys put their hands on her. He thought it would piss him off, but in fact, it turned him on. Ryan frequently patronized the strip club. After watching Anne perform, he took her home and had passionate, jealousy-fueled sex with her.

Anne had mentioned doing private parties a few times, but Ryan was completely opposed to it. He knew they expect a lot more out of the girls in those situations. But one night, Anne came home from the club with a great offer to dance at a private party.

"A customer said he is throwing a bachelor party for his friend. He practically begged me to do it. What do you think?"

"I don't know. I mean, do you have someone to go with you for protection? One of the bouncers?"

Anne waived off his concerns. "I know this guy. He is a regular. I don't think he would try anything."

"Yeah but you don't know the other people who will be there. You should have protection."

"You can come with me. Just say you are my manager or something."

"I'd like to be there but I can't offer much protection," Ryan admitted.

"I know. I want you there though. You look intimidating and people are scared of you. I don't think there will be a problem."

Ryan conceded. “So how much are they paying you?”

“Five hundred,” Anne responded with excited eyes. “The only catch is that they want full nude.”

Ryan’s shoulders slumped. He wasn't sure what to do. It was good money for not much work. He didn't feel comfortable with it, but felt like he had already agreed. As with her stripping, he figured he would get used to it, and probably get turned on. He didn't feel he could provide adequate protection but didn't trust anyone else. Also, he really wanted to see the show.

"Maybe I'll get a gun," Ryan said, half joking.

"I'm sure it won't be that bad. You'll see. So can I?"

"Well I guess so. It doesn't seem like a big deal since you've been mostly naked in front of guys for so long anyway. I just didn't know you were okay with full nude."

"For $500 I am. I don't care who sees my pussy."

"They also do some kinky things sometimes. I saw a girl fuck herself with a corndog at a bachelor party one time."

Anne turned up her nose. "I don't have to do anything like that. I just have to strip down and give the guy a lap dance."

"It is probably a little more than that if they are paying you $500. You probably have to give everyone at the party a lap dance. That’s what they usually do.”

“You sound like an expert. Just how many bachelor parties have you been to?” Anne laughed.

“I’m just saying you should probably do something kinda crazy so they feel like they got their money’s worth."

Ryan could see the wheels turning in Anne’s mind. He couldn’t believe he was not only condoning this, he was encouraging her to go further than she originally intended. He decided to close his mouth before he dug himself in any deeper.

When the day came, Anne was ridiculously nervous. Ryan thought she would be used to dancing in front of guys, but this was different for her. She had several glasses of wine to calm her down, which Ryan worried about having other consequences. She was visibly intoxicated when they arrived at the house. Her contact met her at the front door and showed her in. Ryan mostly stayed in the back to avoid attention. Anne seemed to forget Ryan was there.

The music started, and Anne dropped her overcoat to reveal a tiny red miniskirt and a red bra. Her thigh-high black boots thumped to the music. She identified the bachelor and showed him special attention. She rubbed her butt on Matt’s lap and caressed his thighs with her hands.

He was not shy about being attracted to her and already had his hands on her body. Ryan had a feeling Matt was not going to keep his hands to himself at all. He stroked her stomach and slid his hands up her torso to the side of her bra almost touching her breasts. She didn't seem to mind, but soon changed positions.

Anne straddled Matt and shoved her tits in his face. She clenched the hair on the back of his head and pushed his face into her cleavage. The group of cheering guys got louder. Ryan stayed silent.

Anne stood up and turned around again as the second song started. She swished her hips back and forth to the beat as she unfastened her skirt. She bent over with her ass pointed toward the bachelor while she unwrapped the skirt from her hips. Her red thong left little to the imagination. Matt reached out to touch Anne’s bare ass, but before he could, she sat in his lap. She raised each leg and removed her boots in the sexiest way feasible.

While wearing just a thong and bra, she gave the bachelor a lap dance for the remainder of the song. It was very provocative and much more than Ryan thought she did at the club.  Matt still didn't keep his hands off of her. They spent most of the time on her sides and back but did caress her ass from time to time.

Ryan knew he would have to watch out for the guys but he forgot about how over the top his girlfriend could get. He mentally planned what he would say or do if one of the guys got out of line. However, he couldn’t stop Anne from going too far. And that was probably a bigger concern.

Ryan watched her put her face in Matt’s crotch and bob her head as if she was giving him a blowjob. Her hands slid up his shirt and pinched his nipples. The group yelled louder and seemed to drown out the music.

When the next song started, Anne moved to the guy seated to Matt’s right. He seemed to be rather shy and kept his hands to himself and his eyes on her body rather than her face. It was a quick dance and she moved on to the next. Some guys were more “hands on” than others, and Anne acted more provocatively with them than the shy guys. She seemed to love the extra attention. Ryan’s eyes followed Ann around the room grinding on guys and being groped by dozens of hands.

There was one guy on the opposite side of the room that Ryan thought would be a problem. He could tell Vince was drunk and he was not looking forward to Anne's dance with him. She started by pointing her ass toward him. Vince wasted no time in giving it a little smack. She sat on his lap facing away giving him plenty of opportunity to grope her cheeks with both hands. As she leaned back against his body, his hands ran around her waist and up her stomach to the bottom of her bra. Ryan almost got up to say something but hesitated. Anne obviously sensed what Vince was trying and switched positions. She turned around and straddled him in the chair. He returned his hands to her waste while she rubbed her crotch in his lap. He stared at her breasts hard enough to burn a hole in them.

Finally he said, "I wanna kiss 'em."

Anne giggled. "Well kiss 'em."

Ryan was shocked by Vince’s assertion and even more shocked by Anne’s response. He watched Vince cup each of his girlfriend’s breasts in his hands as he leaned forward and kiss them. His lips touched the inner part that was not covered by the bra. Ryan managed to stifle his anger and jealousy. He rationalized that it was okay given that Ann was still wearing her bra and he didn't touch her nipple. Somehow that made sense to him at the time.

Anne finished with Vince and got up. He smacked her on the ass one more time as she strutted to the next guy in line. The round continued fairly uneventfully. More grinding, more touching, more groping, and more lost respect for Anne.

After a few songs, Anne ended up back at the bachelor again. Ryan knew that they were expecting full nude, but at this point he was hoping everyone would forget. However, Anne started playing with her bra, and Ryan knew it was about to come off.

She pulled the straps off and held the cups on with her hands as she gyrated toward the bachelor. She pulled the bra away when her boobs were only inches from his face and through it on the ground. She buried his face into her bare cleavage.

Anne got up and danced around so that everyone got a good look at her lovely tits. As she stood in the middle of the room facing away from the bachelor, she bent over again. She slid her hands down her legs, taking her thong with them. Matt got an intimate look into everything Anne had to offer.

Anne danced naked in the middle of the room before returning to the bachelor's lap. Seeing his girlfriend completely naked on top of another man should have bothered Ryan, but it was just another step down the morality slope. The alcohol was obviously still kicking in and she was all over the guy. Ryan could hardly watch. Matt’s hands stayed on her ass for most of the performance. Anne rubbed her tits on Matt’s face and dragged one nipple over his lips.

Anne circled through the rest of the group again. The shy guy actually put his hands on her waist but no other surprises occurred until she landed on the drunken guy on the other side of the room. Vince’s hands were constantly on her as she moved her hips in a circular motion on his lap. He caressed the inside of her thighs and kissed her shoulders. Anne turned around and straddled him, shoving her tits in his face.

Then Anne said, "You wanna kiss 'em now?" As if she really needed to ask that question.

The guy slid his hands up her stomach and gripped each one of her breasts. Then he kissed each one right on the nipple. Ryan was in shock but wasn't about to step in. Vince kept his hands on Anne’s tits until she pushed them off.

She seemed to like the attention she got from this guy because she stayed on him longer than the others. When she stood up she pushed his head in between her breasts again. He grabbed her left breasts and put his mouth on the nipple. He kissed and sucked it hard as Anne tried to pull away.

Finally she said, "Okay, okay!"

He let go but squeezed her ass one more time as she stepped away. While she was on the next guy, Vince smacked her ass cheek again. Another guy touched the side of her breasts as he groped her, but no other exciting events transpired at this stage.

After completing the circle, it was time for Anne to take a break. She stayed nude for a bit as she talked to some of the guys. Then she put on her overcoat when she got a chill. Ryan stayed out of the way but kept an eye on her. A lot of the guys talked to her but Ryan couldn't hear what they said.

A few minutes later, they gave her some shots of some unknown liquor which she took down willingly. Ryan saw her take at least five shots which Ryan knew she couldn't handle, especially with several glasses of wine already in her.

She seemed to ignore him but Ryan was okay with that since he didn't want people to know she was his girlfriend. That would have made things much more awkward. Ryan watched quietly and didn't draw attention to himself. Then it was time to get back to the performance.

The guys returned to their seats, and the overcoat dropped to the floor. Anne spent more time dancing in the middle and not doing lap dances. Then she had the bachelor stand up and she danced around him provocatively in front of everybody. She ran her hands up his shirt and rubbed his chest. She squeezed his ass and pushed her hips against his. Wrapping one leg around him, she pumped her crotch against his cock in a mock sexual act.

Anne crouched to her knees and put her face in his crotch. Everyone could tell that Matt was hard and Anne rubbed his erect penis with her face. Ryan could already tell things were getting out of hand. When she came back up, she began unbuttoning Matt’s shirt. Once it was all the way open, she ran her tongue down his chest all the way to his belt buckle.

Vince yelled, "Keep on going, honey!"

Anne giggled and unfastened Matt's buckle. Trying to seem confident and manly, he helped her open his pants as she cavorted around his body. Once she was behind him, she used her nails to scratch at his bare chest and rubbed her pelvis against his butt. Then her hands dropped down and grabbed hold of his pants. With one swift motion, she yanked his pants down his legs. They remained around his ankles as she guided him to the floor. His erect penis would occasionally poke out of the front hole of his boxers. The guys laughed at him but were obviously envious. Anne stood over him and danced, straddling his body and face, giving him a view straight into her vagina.

Ryan had a feeling where this was going and strangely he didn't want to stop it. He had fantasies about this before and he was interested to see it play out. Anne dropped to her knees on top of the guy and rubbed her crotch against his boxers. Upon pulling away, his penis popped out again. He tucked it away as Anne rubbed her breasts on his bare chest.   He slid his hands onto her ass while she pushed her boobs in his face. Then one hand slid up her side and landed on her right breast. Taking a cue from his drunken friend, Matt began to kiss and suck on that nipple.

As the crowd got louder, the actions got wilder. Anne got up and switched positions. She climbed onto Matt in a 69 position. Her pussy was in his face while her face was inches from his cock. She spread out her fingers and rubbed his hips beside his genitals. His penis popped out once again causing everyone to laugh, including Anne. She grabbed the shaft and pushed it back into his underwear. Ryan’s eyes widened as he witnessed his girlfriend touch another man's cock. But for some reason, it didn't bother him.

At the other end of the action, the bachelor was transfixed on Anne's pussy. His hands clutched her tight ass. Then he slowly inched his fingers towards her opening. He was obviously trying to see how far he could go before she stopped him. On this night, Anne's inhibitions were nonexistent and there seemed to be no limits. He touched the sides of her vagina and pulled in open slightly.

Vince stood up to get a better view. He was bold enough to touch the inner part of Anne's open vagina with his finger. She turned around and shook her finger at him in a disapproving way. However, it seemed more playful than angry. He remained close by as the action continued.

Anne dragged her hips down Matt’s chest, rubbing her pussy on him all the way. She stopped on his crotch again and rhythmically pulsated on that area. She leaned back on him so that her back was almost touching his chest. Her ass cheeks pressed against his hips repeatedly which was turning on everyone in the room.

Anne’s eyes got really big and her mouth opened wide, eventually turning into a smile. Ryan thought it was part of the act, but when the hooting got louder, Ryan realized something else must be going on.

Her body slid up and down in a familiar motion. Ryan got up for the first time all night to get a better view of what was happening. Sure enough, Matt’s cock had popped out at the right time and in the right place and was now inserted into Anne. Ryan had a hard time seeing because of everyone else vying to see the action, but Ryan eventually did get a clear view of another man's cock in his girlfriend's pussy.

Ryan didn't know how to feel; he should be disgusted by this. His girlfriend was cheating on him right in front of him. But Ryan couldn't ignore the fact that it was turning him on. How did this happen? How can he be okay with this? Watching Anne have sex with another man in front of a bunch of people did not anger him; it excited him.

Matt and Anne had sex for several minutes in the middle of the crowd. She bobbed up and down and moaned like a porn star. Eventually, Anne got up off of the guy to the disappointment of those watching.

Matt and the others begged for more. Anne giggled nervously and searched the room for Ryan. When their eyes met, Anne looked at Ryan with a questioning expression. Ryan shrugged his shoulders dismissively. She had already gone this far – might as well finish the deed.

The others continued to prod Anne for more action, and she finally gave in. She lay down on the floor and spread her legs. The bachelor wasted no time jumping back in. He held her hips as he pumped her vigorously. Vince and some others squeezed her tits and fondled her body while the action was taking place. The all hooted and hollered as they disrespected Anne.

Finally Matt pulled out, stroked his cock, and ejaculated on Anne’s stomach. Another guy threw a towel for her to wipe off with. Matt pulled up his pants and received high-fives from his buddies.

Anne slipped into her clothes and overcoat. She avoided eye contact as she tiptoed back to Ryan. He tried to stifle his erection.

Ryan and Anne left the party $500 richer. Neither of them anticipated what occurred that evening. But both of them knew it would happen again.

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