Yeah, so I'm really bad about updating my blog.  Anyway, today I am releasing yet another new title.  This one is a lot different than my other books but I'm super excited about it.  Angels of Avalon is the first in a sci-fi adventure series about college kids who become the victims of human experimentation.  It's packed with action, drama, sex, and violence.  I hope you enjoy it!

09 February 2015

I am very close to releasing my next book, Cuckold Cravings.  This is probably the most explicit book I've ever written and isn't for the easily offended.  Cuckold Cravings explores the painful humiliation and the stimulating thrill of becoming a cuckold.  Watch out!

14 January 2015

Hi guys!  Just a quick update to let you know I published another FREE short story.  Mandy Cain is a fun little tale about Jacob who discovers his wife, Amanda is leading a secret life.  He knew she was sexy but had no idea how many others were appreciating her as well.  Soon he realizes nothing is what it seems.
Check it out!  I'm still writing and will have more naughty adventures for you soon.

For those who are paying attention, I quickly and quietly added another book to my collection with little fanfare.  Tercian Wars is an erotic science fiction adventure series which chronicles the violent activities on a distant world called Elayna.  Book I depicts the Cartesian invasion of Tercia.  I wrote the first draft of this story 20 years ago, so it's pretty crazy to actually publish it.  It's a lot different from my other work; I hope you enjoy it.  Book II will be out soon.

Anyway, I hope you all are full of turkey and whatever else you stuffed yourself with today.  I'm thankful for all of you and your continued support.

14 October 2014

I'm happy to have you here!  I've been working long and hard to get this site up.  I know what you're saying - it doesn't look that much different than the old one.  Trust me, there are a lot of tiny changes that added up to make it a big project.  Some of the things you might notice are: The new Short Stories section, a Twitter feed that actually works, an updated bio with more pictures of my old stinky ass, and a brighter, cleaner layout.

Anyway, I hope you'll stick around, read my short stories, see what's new, and why not buy a book or two while you're at it?

31 May 2014

My fifth book, Red, White, & Used is about to be released.  Subscribers to my mailing list will get an advanced copy for FREE!  It's a dark erotic story about Allison Holden, who craves abuse and degradation.  It will soon be available here, on Amazon, and on Smashwords.  You can see the cover now on my Twitter account.  That's all for now... I'm off to working on my next book.

09 May 2014

Now Amazon and Smashwords have both banned Tangled Web.  They don't say exactly why, but I'm guessing it is because the story involves underage sex.  Apparently they don't think teenagers have sex in real life.  Anyway, I decided to create a censored version of the book to include on Amazon and Smashwords.  You can ONLY pick up the uncensored version here.  Check it out if you're not squeamish.

10 April 2014

Wow, I haven't updated this site in forever. I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't been writing much. For a while, my creative juices just weren't flowing, then I injured my hand making it hard to write or type.

I'm slowly getting my mojo back. The problem is I'm working on about four books simultaneously. I switch stories depending on my mood. That's just how my crazy mind works. So there will probably be a long drought between books, then a bunch will come out one right after another. I promise to have something new out by the summer. Till then, keep reading and feel free to drop me a message!

18 December 2013
I've been so busy lately and haven't been in the mood to write. I have a few stories that are about half written and I'm anxious to get them finished and published. Maybe after the holidays, I'll get my groove back.
09 November 2013

I've been a bad girl.  Apparently my book "A Tangled Web" was too naughty for Smashwords, and has been banned.  It is still available on this site and on Amazon (for now). 

05 October 2013

"The Naked Sisterhood" will be available soon!  The story is done as well as the first round of edits.  The cover has been designed and looks amazing!  I'm excited to add a new title to my site and to Amazon.  And there are more in the works.

14 September 2013

So I finally got around to creating my author page on Come check me out!

13 August 2013

So I was about halfway through writing "The Naked Sisterhood" when I decided the story would be more compelling if it were in first person rather than third person limited.  I realized I was focusing on one character anyway.  I'm pretty sure I'm making the right decision but now I have the lovely task of going through all of the chapters I've written and changing 'she' to 'I', 'her' to 'my', and so on.  Don't be jealous.
In case you're wondering, "The Naked Sisterhood" is about high school friends, Ashley and Cassie who go to the same college and pledge a sorority with exhibitionist tendencies.  Alcohol, college girls, and nudity = lots of fun.

23 July 2013

The site now includes free chapters from each of my eBooks.  Now you can get a taste of the story before downloading the eBooks.  Of course you can still download the complete Wild Side eBook for free!

13 July 2013

I was trying to make a copy of a document I was working on and accidentally copied the old version over the new one.  I lost the last four chapters I had written.  Undo didn't help.  Word didn't find any autosave copies.  And file recovery software let me down.  Now what?  Time to rewrite.  Just hope I can remember what I said.

07 July 2013

My first three ebooks are online and available for download.  Wild Side, Push & Pull, and A Tangled Web.  These are not the first books I have written but are just the first I've made available.  Many more erotic adventures are coming soon.

04 July 2013

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Its not just about fireworks and cookouts.  Its about freedom and those who fought to defend it. Honor them. Today and every day.

02 July 2013

Welcome to my site!  I know nobody is reading this yet so I'm basically just taking to myself.  But it is a start to my blog.  Here I will post about updates to the site, upcoming works, and whatever topics are on my mind.  Hope you enjoy your stay.