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Scifi eBook - The Angel Hunter

The Angel Hunter

The Angels of Avalon are back with another high-stakes adventure.  Alex, Evan, Rain, Courtney, Brandon, Heather, and Crs have become unwilling celebrities overnight.  Everyone is fascinated by the real-life angels.

While most of the Angels avoid the spotlight, Brandon Jarrett embraces his new-found celebrity status and uses his wings to lure girls into bed.  One night, Brandon meets Veronica, a drop-dead gorgeous woman he would have no chance with prior to being altered.  However, it soon becomes evident that Veronica is interested in more than his body. 

Alex Paige is desperate to find her sister who was kidnapped by JHI.  She pressures those in charge of the investigation and takes her fight all the way to The White House.  She quickly learns politicians are more concerned with public perceptions than actually helping.

As Brandon discovers more about JHI and his abilities, he begins to question whether he's on the right side.  He returns to The Angels Lair with Veronica and a new, more advanced mind control chemical.  One by one the Angels fall under the control of JHI, pitting Angel against Angel and blurring the line between good and evil.  

When confronted by her past, Alex is forced to face the consequences of her actions.  Clouded with guilt, she doesn't perceive the threat in her midst.  Will she discover the truth about Veronica before it's too late?  Or will The Angels of Avalon be torn apart from within?

Packed with action, drama, sex, and violence, The Angel Hunter continues The Angels of Avalon saga, an erotic sci-fi adventure series.


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