The meeting adjourned, and Karri, Alex, and Carl left the room. Sheila Marlowe stayed behind with James Halasz. She sat on the table in front of James and arched her back so that her luscious breast pressed against her uniform vest. The black sleeveless vest was open down to her stomach; each side was tied to the other with thick strings that pressed into Sheila’s voluptuous bosom. The Cartesian medallion doubled as a buckle at the bottom of the vest. Her tight black pants seemed to be painted onto her toned legs which were capped with heavy black boots.

"So what do you think?" she asked her King with a seductive tone.

"I think it is the best idea we've had in a long time. Not only can we take all we need from the Charlogneans, but we can take back our homeland as well."

"I thought you'd be pleased, your highness."

"Ooh, I love it when you address me like that." James peered down into Sheila's vest and admired her deep cleavage.

Sheila wrapped her legs around the king. "I know what else you love, James."

James clutched his lover and kissed her passionately. He began untying the strings on the front of Sheila's vest. Then he unbuckled the vest at the bottom and pulled it over her shoulders. Sheila's breasts were large, firm, and perfectly shaped. James caressed them gently as he kissed Sheila’s lips. He grabbed the waist of her tight uniform pants and pulled them off of her hips. She raised herself to let the pants slide down her thighs.

James enjoyed the clear view of her hairless crotch. Quickly, James slipped his own pants off and stroked his large penis before burying it in Sheila's awaiting vagina.

The sex was aggressive as it usually was. Sheila reclined onto the meeting table while James stood between her legs, thrusting himself deep inside of her. James and Sheila made passionate love in the meeting room where a significant decision affecting the course of Cartesian power had just been made.

Like all Cartesians, both of their bodies were tan, muscular, and completely hairless from the neck down. While Tercians had hair on their head, face, body, and pubic region, the Cartesians only grew head and facial hair. It was a characteristic inherited from their Cinderian ancestors who had absolutely no hair. It was commonly known that the best way to know if an individual was a Cartesian or Tercian was to pull down their pants.

General Karri Kuckos was next in line to the Cartesian throne. Since King Halasz had no heirs, the army general would become the leader in the event of his death. However, she lived in constant suspicion that Sheila Marlowe was trying to usurp her position. She noticed that Sheila and James didn’t leave the capitol building with the others. She returned to the meeting room.

When she entered, she saw King Halasz and Director Marlowe naked on the table, engaged in aggressive sex. She stared for a brief moment, a look of disgust on her face. Karri was aware of their relationship, but witnessing the carnal act firsthand brought a new level of revulsion. She turned and left before being noticed.

James and Sheila continued for an unnaturally long time until they were both fully satisfied. James ejected his fluid deep inside of Sheila, and they both struggled to catch their breath.

Then it was time to begin a new course in Cartesian history.




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