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E R O T I C  e B O O K S

by Jamie Agee

The New Girl

Erotic eBook - The New Girl

Adriane Taylor is an ambitious young reporter.  She has just landed a new job with Global Business News in Manhattan.  She is taken under the wing of Meghan McIntyre, the focused and determined, though morally impaired, veteran journalist.  Adriane idolizes Meghan and emulates her career in every way.

Adriane's dream job turns into nightmare when she is sucked into the culture of sexual harassment and female submission prevalent at GBN.  Driven to succeed even if it means sacrificing her morals, she learns to use her body to achieve her goals.

With Meghan’s help, Adriane's career and fame take a meteoric rise.  Learning from her mentor, Adriane sleeps her way up the corporate ladder.  But the friendship between Adriane and Meghan is strained when the young upstart begins nipping at the heels of the experienced anchor.  

Impatient to reach the top, Adriane loses herself in pursuit of her goals.  She sacrifices who she is to become what she wants to be.  How far will she go to realize her dreams of being a primetime anchor?  Will her promiscuous behavior come back to haunt her?

The New Girl is a sexy story about one woman’s desire to succeed no matter what the cost.

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