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E R O T I C  e B O O K S

by Jamie Agee

The Naked Sisterhood

Erotic eBook - The Naked Sisterhood

High school friends, Ashley and Cassie enroll in the same college and look forward to new and exciting experiences.  Trying to fit in to the college party lifestyle, the girls succumb to unspoken peer pressure and become immersed in a culture of alcohol, drugs, and casual sex.

Ashley and her friends pledge Sigma Chi Upsilon but soon find out the sorority has exhibitionist tendencies.  The whims of sadistic sorority sisters lead Ashley and the other pledges on naked adventures that are hilariously humiliating.  To fit in, they are forced out of their comfort zone and engage in sexual behavior with multiple partners, with other women, and in public.  Driven by her desire to become a ΣΧΥ girl, Ashley experiences pleasures and pains she never dreamed of and awakens her inner cravings.

Will she survive the torture and be accepted into the sorority?  Or will the degradation and public exposure cause her to quit in humiliation?

Lesson #1:
Alcohol + College Girls + Nudity = Lots of Fun.

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