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E R O T I C  e B O O K S

by Jamie Agee

Red, White, & Used

Erotic eBook - Red, White, & Used

You can sleep with a blonde; you can sleep with a brunette; but you'll never get any sleep with a redhead.

Red, White, & Used is a dark story that chronicles the life of Allison Holden.  Allie is a striking redhead who had a dysfunctional upbringing.  Early relationships with her family and boyfriends involved abuse and degradation.  She internalizes those feelings and becomes sexually aroused by pain and humiliation.

Even when she settles down with Jayden Taylor, a good guy who treats her right and forgives her indiscretions, she craves the attention of "bad boys."  She invariably finds herself in adulterous and unhealthy relationships with men who mentally and physically abuse her.

During an extramarital encounter with an experienced Dom, Allie discovers she likes it rough.  Being tied up, spanked, choked, and humiliated are just parts of her sexual adventure.  Confusing BDSM with abuse, she seeks other paramours who mistreat her, disregarding those who respect her.  Because of her repeated infidelity, Allie believes she deserves the treatment she receives and even craves punishment.

Will she ever break the cycle of self-hate?  Or will she continue to let friends, family, and lovers use her and abuse her?

Red, White, & Used is a non-stop ride, filled with twists and turns, as the chaos of Allie's life unfolds.  By the end, you'll either love her or hate her.


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