Michael was thrilled to finally have a commitment and an invitation from Leanne. He instantly forgot about his anger and frustration with her.   He looked down and realized he was fully erect. Somehow Leanne could do that to him with just text on a screen. He rushed to get dressed and left for the south side of town.

Leanne lived with her parents, so bringing a 20-year-old guy into their home was out of the question. Leanne made arrangements to meet Michael at the clubhouse of her subdivision. Surprisingly Leanne’s family lived in a very upscale planned community where the rebellious teenager seemed out of place. There was a small man-made lake in the center with a clubhouse and playground at the shore.

Leanne was sitting on the steps when Michael’s Camaro pulled up and stopped. A full moon provided the only illumination over the clubhouse and water.

At Leanne’s request, Michael had brought a six-pack of beer. Although a few weeks short of his 21st birthday, Michael frequently bought beer from a nearby convenience store that never carded him. Leanne greeted Michael with a warm hug. He enjoyed feeling her breasts press against his stomach. She took Michael by the hand.

“Come on. Let’s sit out on the pier.”

Leanne guided Michael to the end of a short pier that extended about 10 yards into the lake. They sat down and Leanne helped herself to a beer. She slipped out of her flip flops and dangled her feet in the cool water.

“Put your feet in!” she insisted.

Michael opened a beer for himself before removing his shoes and socks. Leanne’s pants stopped at her calves, but Michael had to roll up the bottom of his jeans to keep from getting them wet.

He wasn’t enthusiastic about showing his feet and legs but didn’t want to be too stuffy.

Leanne and Michael engaged in their typical pointless conversations that seemed to go in circles. Michael spent more time sipping beer than talking, hoping that it would enhance his social skills.

“Ever been skinny dipping?” Leanne asked with a grin.

“No,” Michael replied sheepishly.

“Want to?”

“I don’t know. Do other people come down here?” Michael was visibly uncomfortable.

“Come on! You don’t have to get all the way naked. I never do. Just strip down to your underwear.”

Michael had not accepted the invitation, but Leanne pealed her shirt up over her head. Michael tried not to stare as Leanne revealed her bra-clad chest. He took another big gulp of his beer before they both stood up on the pier.

Michael knew that procrastination would only make it worse, so he pulled his shirt off as soon as he was on his feet. He tried to suck in his gut and puff up his chest. Leanne made no attempts to pretend like she wasn't checking him out. She stared at him with a slight smirk as she began to unbutton her pants. Her pale skin glowed in the moonlight. Once they were both stripped to their underwear, Leanne reached her arms out toward Michael.

“Hug me, baby!” she pleaded.

They embraced each other gently. Michael tried to pull his hips back so that Leanne wouldn't feel his hardening.

"You ready?" asked Leanne.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Michael replied.

They stood at the end of the pier holding hands.

“1, 2, 3!” Leanne counted down before they leapt into the chilly water with a thunderous splash.

Michael tried to pretend the temperature didn’t bother him, but his shivers betrayed him. The pair frolicked in the water and joked with each other. Then Leanne swam to Michael and embraced him. She rested her elbows on his shoulders and clasped her hands behind his head. Michael instinctively placed his hands on her bare sides.

Michael gazed into Leanne’s eyes as they sparkled in the moonlight. Leanne pressed her lips against his and then backed away as if she were testing his response.

Michael smiled softly and leaned in for another kiss. Despite her rough persona, Leanne’s lips were surprisingly soft, and she was a great kisser. The taste of cigarette smoke was a turnoff for Michael but he wouldn’t let it bother him. Michael slid his hands from Leanne’s sides onto her lower back and pulled her body closer to his. Leanne’s legs wrapped around Michael’s body.

With no perceivable reason, Leanne detached herself from Michael and swam several feet away. Michael felt a familiar twinge of disappointment like Leanne was playing games with his emotions again.

Leanne giggled as she submerged herself to her chin and seemed to be fiddling with something. Her objective became clear when her right hand rose out of the water and flung her bra onto the pier.

Michael laughed while Leanne swam around him. She approached him from behind and embraced him. He could feel her bare breasts on his back. She began to kiss his neck and shoulders as her hands worked their way down his body. He felt a tug on his waistband but did not realize how far she was going until his boxers slipped over his genitals exposing them to the open water. Leanne dove under the water and removed the underwear from around Michael's ankles. When she reappeared, she threw them onto the pier next to her bra. A few moments later, Leanne's panties flew through the air and landed on top of the other garments.

“Alright! Now we’re skinny dipping,” Michael quipped.

Leanne’s face remained serious. She slowly approached Michael, staring deeply into his eyes. She craned her neck out and softly kissed him on the lips.

The fingernails on her right hand traced their way down Michael's stomach. He felt himself shiver when her small hand grasped his penis and testicles.

Nervousness and the cold water conspired to keep Michael’s penis soft, but Leanne knew how to take care of that. In an instant Leanne became more aggressive and kissed Michael hard while massaging his genitals. Then she wrapped her legs around him as she had done earlier while her tongue found its way inside of his mouth. Michael caressed her bare back and squeezed her exquisite ass. The naked couple made out for several minutes in the moonlit lake. Michael was soft no more.

Leanne's position changed slightly and Michael could feel the tip of his rock hard penis pressing against her flesh. He felt the distinct feeling of vaginal lips swallowing his cock.

He adjusted his hips and soon felt her body sliding up and down against his. Inside of Leanne was warm and moist in contrast to the chilly water surrounding them.

As the action got hotter, Michael knew he should be wearing a condom. A girl with the morals of Leanne would likely have unwanted gifts to give. But he did not dare stop the action, and there was not a condom within walking distance.

Leanne let her head drop back and moaned loudly. As her body rose and fell repeatedly, Michael finally got his first look at her luscious breasts. The cold water dripped off of them leaving her nipples as hard as diamonds.

Michael’s experience was limited but he could tell Leanne knew what she was doing. Leanne pulled her head back onto her shoulders and looked at Michael. He managed to pull his gaze away from her breasts and back to her eyes. They began to kiss passionately again.

Michael tried to last as long as he could, but felt like he disappointed Leanne when he reached his climax. Leanne pulled herself from Michael's embrace and swam away. She stared at Michael but didn't say a word. Michael looked back at her sheepishly.

"Don't worry, Michael. I'm on the pill."

Michael was glad to hear that, but still worried about his own health. Who knows what Tyler might have been carrying? Michael worried that he might have just made a huge mistake. The moments after sex always make a man question the decisions he made just before sex.

A few moments later, Leanne swam to the shore and pulled herself out of the water. It was the first time Michael had seen her naked. He looked over her pale body that was sparsely decorated with small tattoos. He then noticed her crotch was shaven.

He had only previously seen that in porno movies. Leanne’s body looked excellent, even better nude.

It took him a bit longer to get the courage to step out of the water and reveal his body to Leanne. She looked down at his shrunken penis and smirked. Michael wanted to explain what happens to a man in cold water, but he figured a girl with as much mileage on her engine as Leanne was certainly familiar with the concept of shrinkage.

The couple slipped their dry clothes over their wet skin leaving their underwear in hand. Michael earned a playful punch in the arm when he joked about Leanne’s hard nipples poking through her shirt as they walked back to the shore.

Michael drove Leanne back to her parent’s house. He expected a goodnight kiss or some other pleasantries, but Leanne got out of the car before she spoke.

“Thanks Michael. I’ll talk to you later.”

When the car door shut, Michael shook his head in disgust. Leanne still didn’t act the way he expected her to. But Michael smiled on the drive home. Who wouldn’t after sex like that?

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