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E R O T I C  e B O O K S

by Jamie Agee

Push & Pull

Erotic eBook - Push & Pull

Don't let Michael's rock star image fool you.  He is a shy conservative young man who is looking for a good woman.  His intentions become misguided when he is introduced to a wild child named Leanne.

Leanne is an uninhibited teenager who lives the groupie life.  She shuns meaningful relationships in favor of casual sex.  Stripping, group sex, swinging, and exhibitionism are all a part of Leanne's persona.

Michael finds himself wrapped up in Leanne and drawn back to her no matter how he gets treated.  Unable to tame her, Michael attempts to adapt to her lifestyle.  He experiences things he never thought he would, or even want to.

Will Michael be able to tame Leanne and have the girlfriend he desires?  Or will Leanne change Michael into someone he no longer recognizes?


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