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E R O T I C  e B O O K S

by Jamie Agee

Cuckold on Camera

Erotic eBook - Cuckold on Camera

It's just acting, right?

Kevin and Emily have always had an adventurous relationship.  He is a freelance videographer; she is an aspiring model and actress.  They make dozens of private sex tapes and feel like secret porn stars.

Like many young married couples, they are struggling financially.  That all changes when Emily is cast as the superheroine, Incrediboobs, for a niche website.  At first it seems like a lark, but the gig is not what it seems.  They soon realize they signed on to be part of a porn site.

Locked into a contract, Emily performs kinky sex acts with various partners and experiences strange fetishes she could've never imagined.  As the site’s new videographer, Kevin captures it all on camera for the world to see.  His once private porn star becomes an internet sensation.

Kevin tries to separate his lovely wife from the character she portrays, but Emily seems to enjoy her new job a little too much.  When Kevin discovers he is aroused by her infidelity, it’s unclear who is enjoying the work more.

Can their marriage survive Emily's public exposure?  Or will their secret agendas tear them apart?

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