By the time Friday night arrived, Cassie and I were ready to blow off some steam. It was time to party, for real this time. Cassie called Dana and soon the three of us arrived at the off-campus frat house of Kappa Pi.

We had never seen anything like it. These boys knew how to party. There had to have been over 200 people there and they were all drinking. Loud dance music pounded from PA speakers in the yard. The neighbors must be okay with it or else the cops would have arrived long ago.

Three hot eighteen-year-old girls did not remain isolated or empty handed for long. Some young guys vied for our attention and nearly forced cups of beer into our hands. The cold beers were refreshing on the humid night. The freshman boys were muscled out of the circle by frat boys competing for our companionship.

After sticking together for the first hour, Dana shifted into a private conversation with one guy who caught her eye. Cassie and I stayed close together.

“So what’s your name?”

I turned to answer the question I had answered countless times already that night.

“Ashley,” I said with a smile to the sexy man to my left.

“I’m Keaton. Nice to meet you. And who’s your friend?” he asked looking over my shoulder.

“Cassie. We’re friends from back home.”

“Awesome.” When he smiled, his dimples showed. I noticed that and smiled back. “You’re freshmen right?”

“Is it that obvious?” Cassie responded.

“Well I just know I would remember if I had seen you before. I don’t miss lovely ladies like you.”

I could feel myself blush. I felt an attraction to the frat boy already. Or maybe it was just the alcohol.

“So you’re in Kappa Pi? I’ve heard you guys are the coolest?” I tried to flatter him, but I’m sure it came across as patronizing.

“Well I like to think so. I’m a junior now and I’ve been with the brotherhood since my freshman year.” He paused as he looked at the nearly empty cups in our hands.”

Keaton looked toward the keg. “Hey Ian!” Then he held up three fingers.

A moment later Ian entered the circle with three freshly poured beers. He handed one to Keaton and one to each of the freshman girls as he eyed us up and down. Ian was a decent looking guy but I had my eyes on Keaton. Ian wore a tank top shirt with the frat’s Greek letters boldly emblazoned on the front. He looked like he spent a lot of time in the sun.

His roommate and frat brother, Keaton wore a cap backward revealing a bit of his bushy hair. The cap featured the name of the college while his shirt had “Kappa Pi” written in small letters. Both clearly spent a lot of time at the gym and were in good shape.

Keaton smiled at his brother. “These girls think we’re the coolest fraternity.”

“Well they’re fucking right.”

We all laughed.

Ian looked at me. “Are you going to join a sorority?”

“I’m not sure yet. We haven’t really met anyone.”

“You guys should definitely pledge Sigma Chi Upsilon. You would fit in really well.”

Cassie and I looked at each other. “You’re not the first person to say that,” I responded.

As the beer flowed and the conversations continued, our foursome began to pair off. To my disappointment, Keaton favored Cassie and I was stuck with Ian. I tried to control my jealousy and enjoy my conversation with Ian. After a few more beers, I forgot which one I liked.

Then Keaton interrupted Ian in mid-sentence. He had Cassie clinging to him like a kitten clinging to her mother.

“Hey guys, Cassie wants to go upstairs and get a little smoky.” Keaton pressed his thumb and forefinger together and held it to his lips to further illustrate what he was describing.

Ian and I followed the others into the frat house. Of course in my current state, I probably would have followed them into a burning house.

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