“Fine! I’ll just go fuck some other guy! See how you like it!”

That’s the last thing she said before slamming the door. It was the end of the worst argument we ever had. And we had some pretty bad ones. Our five years of marriage had been anything but blissful.

Holly and I routinely fought about little things that irritated us, and larger issues that threatened to end our marriage. I often chastised her for running up the electric or water bills, and wasting my hard-earned money in other ways. Holly routinely lectured me about things like forgetting to unload the dishwasher, and spending too much time on the internet. I criticized the way she dressed when she went out at night, fearing that she was trying to attract other men. She said I didn’t show her enough affection, and frequently insulted my sexual prowess. It’s safe to say we had a dysfunctional marriage.

This particular argument started when Holly caught me chatting online with a female friend. Of course, she assumed I was cheating on her with my friend, Laurie. In Holly’s defense, the text on the screen was pretty incriminating. Honestly, Laurie is a cute girl, and I often thought about what she would be like in bed, but I was not trying to cheat. I was simply testing the waters. I guess it would have boosted my ego to know that I could get with Laurie if I wanted to.

It could have been settled quickly, but like most of our arguments, it escalated out of control. If I were a violent man, I would have hit Holly that night. However, even in a fit of rage, I could control myself. Holly, on the other hand, was prone to drastic action.

Holly said she was going to go fuck somebody to get “revenge” for what I was doing with Laurie. It seemed absurd, especially because I wasn’t doing anything more than talking.

That certainly wouldn’t justify infidelity. However, the threat upset me to the point of a near nervous breakdown. I paced around our small ranch house as I pondered the possibilities.

Even though guys were always hitting on her, Holly was never the type who would hook up with some random guy at a bar. No matter how upset she was with me, I couldn’t imagine her having casual sex with a stranger.

On the other hand, she did have a lot of guy friends and kept in touch with some of her ex-boyfriends. I know most of them would sleep with her if given the chance; I know how guys think. I usually trusted Holly to be faithful to me. But given our intense argument, and her tendency to make rash decisions, I worried about her judgment that night.

I turned on the TV in an attempt to distract myself from the stress. Our little black and brown mutt named Snickers lay on my lap.

He seemed to know I needed some comfort. Hours into the night, I tried to get some sleep. I convinced myself that Holly’s statement was just an idle threat. She just wanted to scare me, or hurt me.

Mission accomplished.

She hadn’t come home yet, but she was likely spending the night at her mom’s house or with a friend. It wasn’t the first time we had a huge fight, nor was it the first time we slept in separate houses.

I didn’t sleep very well. Every time I heard a noise, I thought it was Holly coming home. Usually it was just Snickers changing positions. I would perk up and then have a difficult time settling down and drifting off again.

Around 3:30 in the morning, I was awakened by my cellphone chime indicating I had a new text message. It was from Holly, and there was a picture attached.

I opened the attachment to see Holly standing completely nude, holding her cellphone pointed toward her reflection in a mirror. Holly commonly sent me nude pictures of herself while I was working, or any time she wanted to give me a quick thrill. Even though I was half asleep, I stared at her sexy body, enjoying every curve.

She was definitely not overweight, but Holly had some meat on her bones. I preferred that body type to the anorexic type with no curves or boobs. Her long chocolate-brown hair hung down her chest onto her large D-cup breasts. Her skin was smooth with few imperfections. Her luscious thighs pressed together framing her neatly trimmed pubic hair. Her beautiful blue eyes peered at her cellphone screen as she snapped her “selfie.”

But something struck me about her sadistic smile. That’s when I read the text associated with the picture.

James, don’t wait up!

I sat up in the bed and looked closer at the picture. I didn’t recognize the bathroom she was standing in. My wife was naked in someone else’s house.

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