Evan groaned as he slowly regained consciousness. He felt as though he had been asleep for days. His head pounded and his eyes were ready to explode. Sliding his right hand up his bare torso and onto his forehead, he rubbed his temples and tried to focus his eyes. He could barely see; the room was very dark, and his vision seemed to be limited to black and white images.

It was not the first time Evan awoke in a strange place with a throbbing brain. Frat parties frequently resulted in such circumstances, but he did not have his girlfriend or any other coed cuddled up next to him. Evan lifted his shoulders and leaned on one elbow. As his body shifted, he realized he was naked. Ordinarily this would indicate that he had a great time the previous night, but Evan could not remember how he came to be naked in a dark room with a pounding headache.

The elbow which supported the weight of his upper body pressed against the metal table. Dorm room beds were far from luxurious but would have been preferable to spending hours on a metal slab. Evan detected the stench of antiseptic chemicals. For a moment, he wondered if he had awakened in a morgue. He began to believe he had woken from the dead and was thankful he had not been buried yet.

As the blood flow to his brain increased, so did Evan’s vision. He could see a little further into the room now. He saw surgical instruments near him which caused an involuntary chill to run over his skin. As he turned his head, he saw the body of another person lying on an identical table several feet from him.

A naked female form gradually came into focus. Evan watched her chest

gently raising and lowering with each breath indicating this person was also alive. Her long blonde hair draped onto her right shoulder, but her face was turned toward her left, preventing Evan from identifying her. Yet there was something familiar about her body.

Evan shook his head and rubbed his eyes trying to bring better focus. The girl’s head rolled as she began to return to consciousness. Evan sat up on the edge of the table as he saw her face come into view.


Rain opened her eyes and stared blankly.

Evan called to her, “Where are we?”

Rain responded with another question. “Is that you Evan?”

“Yeah, it’s me. Do you know where we are?”

“I can’t see you.” Rain’s eyes swept back and forth in confusion.

“I’m right here.” Evan waved his hands at Rain.

“I can’t see. Are the lights off?”

“It’s dark, but there is a little bit of light.”

“I can’t see anything.” Rain began to panic. She sprung up with her arms flailing hysterically. “Oh my God! I’m blind! I’m blind, Evan!”

Evan jumped off of the table and ran to Rain. The cement floor was cold to the touch of his bare feet. Rain shrieked when she felt a man grab her shoulders in the dark.

“It’s me, baby. I’ve got you.”

“Oh my God, Evan. What happened to me? Where are we?”

“I don’t know. But I’m going to take care of you.”

Evan wrapped his large muscular arms around Rain’s petite torso. He had seen that she was naked, but when his hands touched her back, he felt a textured surface.

Evan backed away from Rain slightly. “What’s on your back?”

Rain instinctively looked over her shoulder as if she could see anything. Evan stepped behind her. He slowly extended his arm and rubbed his fingers down the snow-white material which covered most of Rain’s back.

“It looks like… feathers.”

“Eww, get them off of me.”

Evan swiped at the feathers but they did not move. He looked closer, still struggling to focus his eyes. He pinched one feather between his fingers and yanked it out.

“Ouch!” Rain exclaimed.

“You felt that? What the hell?”

Evan pushed both hands into the feathers on Rain’s back. He gripped what felt like bones inside of the tissue. He slowly pulled on the bones and the entire structure began to extend outward from Rain’s back. Once fully extended the structure reached about six feet from her spine. It was supported by a bony framework, covered in thin skin, and coated with snow-white feathers. There was an identical appendage attached to the other side of her spine. Each appeared to be surgically fused with her spinal column and back muscles.

Evan’s eyes bulged from their sockets. His breathing nearly stopped.

“What is it?” Rain called out, now fully aware that something was attached to her.

"Rain... you have wings."

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