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E R O T I C  e B O O K S

by Jamie Agee

Cuckold Cravings

Erotic eBook - Cuckold Cravings

James has a tumultuous relationship with his beautiful wife, Holly.  Constant fighting and mistrust make their marriage anything but blissful.  And after several years, he can't keep up with her sexual appetite.

James is crushed when the love of his life reveals an affair with a mutual acquaintance.  But as the emotions subside, he realizes her adultery turns him on.  After discovering previous affairs, James recognizes that he never satisfied Holly; no one man could.

Experimenting with new ways to express their love, they try an open relationship.  They agree to follow certain rules to protect the sanctity of their marriage, but one by one, the rules are broken.

James encourages Holly to have sex with other men for his entertainment, but soon discovers that she had the power all along; his satisfaction comes secondary.  When Holly experiences a very well-endowed black man, James knows their relationship will never be the same.

Will the psychological torment of witnessing his wife engage in erotic sex acts with multiple partners be too much for James to handle?  Or will he accept his role as a cuckold and allow her to be fully satisfied?

Told from James' point of view, Cuckold Cravings explores the painful humiliation and the stimulating thrill of becoming a cuckold.

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