Alicia bounced down the stairs and turned right toward the living room where her father was reading the paper.  She wore white tennis shoes on her dainty feet.  Her short brown legs rose to a pair of tight cut-off denim shorts.  A powder blue tank top clung tightly to every curve of her torso and revealed her tan shoulders.  Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail which added emphasis to her adolescent looks.

Richard lowered his glasses and looked over Alicia’s scantily-clad body.  He glared at his provocatively-dressed young daughter.

"I don't think you ought to be going out with your boyfriend dressed like that, young lady," he scolded her.

"I'm not going out with David.  I'm babysitting for Mr. McAllister again.  Oh shit!  That reminds me.  I've got to call David."

"Hey!  Watch your mouth, Alicia!"

Alicia turned and ran back up the steps to her room without responding to her father.  Allison walked out of the kitchen and stepped into the foyer by the stairs.

"Looks like we are all alone tonight, Richard.  Angie is going out with Sam, and Alicia is babysitting."

Richard said nothing, but admired his wife.  For her age, Allison was still quite stunning, and Richard still saw the young girl he married.  As she turned her head, her long brown hair swished around her neck.  Allison walked back toward the kitchen.  Richard admired her rear end as his imagination began to concoct all sorts of activities they could engage in while the kids were out.  But he knew they would probably do nothing more than watch a movie together.  After 20 years of marriage, most of the fire was gone.  There was very little excitement in his life now, Richard thought.

Mrs. Tanner's Buick pulled onto the highway and Alicia was once again left at Bob McAllister's house.  Bob’s eyes drifted down Alicia's body but he jerked his head away when he realized she had noticed.  He seemed nervous and quickly left for his date, entrusting Alicia with Christine.

The evening proceeded much as the previous one had.  Once Christine was asleep, Alicia lay on the couch and surfed the channels.  She found it difficult to restrain the urge but she had promised herself that she would not steal any more weed.  Slipping off her shoes and socks and placing them on the floor beside her, Alicia relaxed on the comfortable couch.  Eventually she found something mindless to watch and moments later, drifted off to sleep.

Alicia jumped when she felt a hand on the side of her face.  Once her eyes focused and she saw that it was Mr. McAllister, she relaxed. 

Then she noticed that her shirt had ridden up while she slumbered and now revealed most of her flat stomach.  She pulled it down although she knew Bob had already seen what she was hiding.  Bob lifted her bare feet and sat down on the couch, placing her feet in his lap.  He peered into Alicia's warm brown eyes.

"Alicia, I need to talk to you.  I know you took some of my weed last night.”

Alicia could feel her face becoming hot and knew it was turning red.   How could he know?  Was he that precise?  Did he smell it?  Should I try to deny it?

"Don't worry, I'm not mad.   I won't tell your folks."  Mr. McAllister could see Alicia relax a bit.  "In fact...  would you like some more?"

Alicia nervously laughed.   "Are you sure?" she asked.

"Of course," he responded.  "I was a teenager myself once, ya know?"

Alicia accepted the offer and Bob went to his room.  Alicia pulled her legs up and pressed her back against the arm of the couch.  She sat nervously anticipating Mr. McAllister's return.  A few minutes later, her employer sat back down on the couch with a large joint in his hand.  He placed it in his mouth and ignited one end as he sucked on the other.  Then he passed it to Alicia.  She thought about Christine sleeping in her bed before she took a long drag.

Alicia and Mr. McAllister began to alternate hits.  Soon the drug began to take effect, and they both became more relaxed.  Their conversations became lighthearted as the joint grew shorter.  Mr. McAllister was clearly letting Alicia have most of the drug.

"So how was your date?" Alicia asked.

"It was alright," Bob sighed.  "It's just that this is our second date, and I haven't gotten so much as a kiss.  I mean, what's wrong with me?  Am I not kissable?"

"I'm sure it's not that," Alicia said with a mischievous smile.

Mr. McAllister leaned closer to her and his tone became more serious.  "Do you think I'm kissable?"

Alicia playfully placed her hands on the sides of Mr. McAllister's head and thrust her face toward his.  She pressed her lips against his mouth for a brief moment and removed them with a smacking noise.  Alicia fell back into the corner of the couch and nestled herself into the cushions.  She giggled as she looked back at Mr. McAllister.  His face morphed from surprise to a soft smile.

"You seem pretty kissable to me," Alicia said as she inadvertently licked the inside of her front teeth.

Mr. McAllister sat motionless and then nervously choked out the words, "Can we do that again?"

Alicia's eyes darted to the left and then fixed back on Mr. McAllister.  She gave a slight nod and watched Bob lean over her.  As their lips met for a second time, Mr. McAllister's hand pressed against Alicia's left thigh.  He did this not only for a quick thrill but also to steady his large body over the small girl.  Alicia let out a small whimper as they continued to kiss softly.  Mr. McAllister's rough hand slid up the smooth skin of Alicia's upper thigh, crossed her shorts, and found its way onto her right breast.  At that moment, Alicia's tongue jutted into Bob's mouth.  He squeezed her firm breast and adjusted his body closer to Alicia's.

Both of them were beginning to sweat.  Mr. McAllister sat up and slipped his shirt over his head.  Alicia felt drawn to his chest.  

Her small hands ran over his toned chest muscles and her fingers played with the hair.  She noticed the large bulge in Mr. McAllister's pants and knew what was on his mind.  It wasn't clear if Alicia would be so responsive if it had not been for the drug.  But she was high and had no intentions of stopping the course of action.

Mr. McAllister began to fondle Alicia’s body and finally worked up the courage to attack the snap on her shorts.  He slowly pulled down the zipper and Alicia raised her hips to allow him to pull her shorts to her ankles.  Alicia then kicked them off and climbed into Bob’s lap wrapping her legs around his waist.  Bob’s muscular arms encircled her petite body and pulled her against his chest.

They kissed more passionately as Bob lifted the tank top to her shoulders.  She pulled it over her head and threw it to the carpet. 

Then she turned her head to her left, keeping her eyes focused on Mr. McAllister.  She seductively peered at him through the corner of her eyes as her hands reached up her back and unsnapped her white bra.  The garment unleashed its contents and joined the other clothes on the floor.  Bob was delighted at the sight of breasts which were much perkier and more youthful than the women he was used to.  Bob leaned forward and began kissing Alicia’s breasts and groping her petite body.

Alicia stroked the man’s thick dark hair while looking down on him.  Bob stood up with Alicia still grappled to his torso.  She was surprised by his strength.   With gentle ease, he returned Alicia to the couch.  They continued to kiss with their eyes closed and Alicia did not see Mr. McAllister's pants come off.

When she opened her eyes next, Alicia saw Mr. McAllister was wearing only his boxers covering his fully erect penis. 

He walked quickly to his bedroom, and Alicia knew he was going for what she had seen in one of his drawers.  Alicia slipped her light blue panties down her legs and dropped them on top of the matching tank top.

Mr. McAllister returned to find the nude girl stretched out seductively on his couch.  He opened the small package in his hand and slipped his boxers to the floor.  Alicia tried not to stare, but Mr. McAllister was much larger than David.  He rolled the condom on and climbed back on top of Alicia.

The sex was instantly passionate.  Alicia was young but not nearly virginal.  However, Bob's size was more than Alicia was used to.  Bob alternated his gaze between her face and chest as he moved.  Alicia's mouth was wide open but no sound escaped.  She tended to be vocal while having sex but restrained herself as not to wake up Christine. 

They made love for several minutes but Bob reached climax well before Alicia was even close.  He removed himself and went to the bathroom.

Alicia sat up, feeling a little disappointed and unsatisfied.  But mostly she was confused about what had just happened.  She would think about it more tomorrow; right now she was too stoned.  She found her panties and began to get dressed.  As she was slipping her tank top on, Mr. McAllister returned.  He was now dressed and offered her a ride home.

“What about Christine?” Alicia asked.

“She’s sleeping.   It will only take a minute.  She won’t even know we’re gone.”

Alicia didn’t agree with that logic but was in no condition to lecture her superior.

Neither talked much during the drive, but when they arrived at the Tanner house, Mr. McAllister finally spoke.

"Thanks for everything, Alicia," he said with a smile.  “Everything.”

"You're welcome, Mr. McAllister.”

"Call me Bob."

Alicia didn't know what to say or do.   Should I kiss him goodbye?  Should I offer to babysit again?  Would the next babysitting job turn out like this one?  Finally, she just turned and opened the door.

"Goodbye Bob," Alicia said and jogged to her front door.


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