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E R O T I C  e B O O K S

by Jamie Agee

A Tangled Web

Erotic eBook - A Tangled Web

Alicia Tanner considers herself the black sheep of the affluent Tanner family.  She routinely experiments with alcohol, drugs, and sex while her parents remain blissfully unaware.

Alicia's lifestyle is not uncommon for a teenager until she meets her dad's friend, Bob McAllster.  Bob has a checkered past but appears to be straightening out is life.  His intentions with Alicia drive him down a dark path once again.

What starts as a babysitting job, transforms into teenage prostitution.  Lies cover other lies until Alicia becomes trapped by her own secrets.

Alicia unwittingly draws those around her into the web of deception.  A sexual assault begins unraveling the web and exposing the truth about Alicia and those around her.  While hiding their secrets, they find themselves fighting for their lives.

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