Erotic eBook Cuckold on Camera

It's just acting, right?

Kevin and Emily have always had an adventurous relationship.  He is a freelance videographer; she is an aspiring model and actress.  They make dozens of private sex tapes and feel like secret porn stars.

Like many young married couples, they are struggling financially.  That all changes when Emily is cast as the superheroine, Incrediboobs, for a niche website.  At first it seems like a lark, but the gig is not what it seems.  They soon realize they signed on to be part of a porn site.

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Erotic eBook Cuckold Cravings

James has a tumultuous relationship with his beautiful wife, Holly.  Constant fighting and mistrust make their marriage anything but blissful.  And after several years, he can't keep up with her sexual appetite.

James is crushed when the love of his life reveals an affair with a mutual acquaintance.  But as the emotions subside, he realizes her adultery turns him on.  After discovering previous affairs, James recognizes that he never satisfied Holly; no one man could.

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Erotic Sci-fi eBook Tercian Wars

Tercian Wars is an erotic science fiction adventure series which chronicles the violent activities on a distant world called Elayna.  Book I depicts the Cartesian invasion of Tercia.

While the Tercians plan to escape from a devastating meteor shower that threatens to decimate their population, the Cartesians plot to overthrow the Tercian government and take their land.

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Erotic Sci-fi eBook The Angel Hunter

Good and evil isn't always black and white.

The Angels of Avalon are back with another high-stakes adventure.  Alex, Evan, Rain, Courtney, Brandon, Heather, and Crs have become unwilling celebrities overnight.  Everyone is fascinated by the real-life angels.

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Erotic eBook The Naked Sisterhood

High school friends, Ashley and Cassie enroll in the same college and look forward to new and exciting experiences.  Trying to fit in to the college party lifestyle, the girls succumb to unspoken peer pressure and become immersed in a culture of alcohol, drugs, and casual sex.

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Erotic Sci-fi eBook Angels of Avalon

Six ordinary college students at the University of Avalon wake up naked in a laboratory and discover they have been physically altered. Each has wings surgically attached to their spine, turning them into real-life angels.

Trying to unravel the mystery and escape from their captivity, they discover new abilities unique to each individual which mimic superpowers.

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Erotic eBook Push & Pull

Don't let Michael's rock star image fool you.  He is a shy conservative young man who is looking for a good woman.  His intentions become misguided when he is introduced to a wild child named Leanne.

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Erotic eBook Red, White, & Used

You can sleep with a blonde; you can sleep with a brunette; but you'll never get any sleep with a redhead.

Red, White, & Used is a dark story that chronicles the life of Allison Holden.  Allie is a striking redhead who had a dysfunctional upbringing.  Early relationships with her family and boyfriends involved abuse and degradation.  She internalizes those feelings and becomes sexually aroused by pain and humiliation.

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Erotic eBook A Tangled Web

Alicia Tanner considers herself the black sheep of the affluent Tanner family.  She routinely experiments with alcohol, drugs, and sex while her parents remain blissfully unaware.

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Erotic eBook Wild Side

Taryn Albright is a sexy and adventurous young woman with a free spirit.  She loves attention and to be desired.

Her life became much more conservative after becoming involved with Alex Wise, the CEO of Wise Media Inc.  She gave up her aspirations of modeling for an executive position with her boyfriend's company.  Alex loves Taryn but treats her like a possession. 

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