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Keaton opened the door to a room on the top floor of the large house.  It was much more spacious than the dorm rooms.  They had wooden bunk beds against one wall, a large-screen TV on the other wall, a small refrigerator, a couch, and several tables and chairs.

Keaton pulled four cans of beer out of the refrigerator and handed one to his roommate and their guests.  “This will keep you going while I get the good shit.”

Cassie and I sat next to each other on the couch.  Ian turned on some music while Keaton fiddled with something on the other side of the room.  When he returned, he had an ignited joint between his fingers.

Each of us took several puffs off of the cigarette as it passed around the group.  All of the beer I had guzzled was ready to move out, so I asked to use their bathroom.

When I returned just a few short minutes later, the environment had completely changed.  The lights were out except for a glowing lava lamp in the corner.  Cassie was lying on the couch with Keaton on top of her, engaged in deep tongue kissing.

“Why don’t you come sit over here?” asked Ian motioning to the bottom bunk.

I knew where this was leading, but did nothing to stop it.  I didn’t really want to have sex with a guy right after meeting him but I figured this is what college girls do.  Like Cass says, “When in Rome…”

I sat down on Ian’s bunk next to him and tried to hide the awkwardness.  He pulled back one side of my wavy brown hair to expose my neck.  Then he leaned forward and began to kiss and suck on my neck.  It felt good.  I couldn’t deny that.  It was my first time being with someone since Todd.  I just hoped I would remember it in the morning.

Ian worked his way to my lips and kissed me hard.  I opened my mouth and felt his tongue dancing with mine.  We rolled onto the bed with Ian on top.  He immediately began to tug at my clothes.
I looked over Ian’s shoulder and saw Cassie climbing into the top bunk with Keaton right behind her.  I made eye contact with Keaton for a moment while I was being undressed and fondled by Ian.  Awkward!

Ian wasted little time with foreplay.  Once we were undressed, he rubbed at my vagina briefly, seemingly to make sure I was wet enough.  Then he climbed on top of me, pushing my legs to the sides.  I did see him slip a condom on and I was thankful for that since it hadn’t crossed my mind.  Ian entered me and began to fuck me – not make love to me – fuck me.

Cassie’s voice came from the top bunk.  “Wow, you’ve got a big dick!”

I could only imagine what was going on above me.  Then I heard slurping sounds and figured Keaton was receiving a blowjob from Cassie.  She had a reputation for that in high school.  I couldn’t help but giggle a bit before returning to the moment with Ian.

I closed my eyes and arched my back as I writhed in ecstasy.  The mattress above me pulsated rhythmically as Keaton was no doubt inside of Cassie now.  I was surprised that Ian was lasting as long as he was, and wondered how much he had left.  Maybe that was the difference between high school boys and college guys.

Then I felt Ian pull out of me.  His body lifted completely off of the bed, and I wondered what was going on.  I strained my eyes to focus on him standing next to the bunk beds.  A second later, Keaton dropped out of the top bunk with a thud. 

He did have a big dick.  He was still hard and still wearing the condom he had been using on Cassie.  To my surprise Keaton climbed into the bottom bunk on top of me.

“Hey there!” he said in a soft whisper-like tone.

I saw Ian disappear into the top bunk.  Was this real?  Did they just switch on us?

The reality sunk in when Keaton penetrated me.  Yes, he was definitely bigger.  I couldn’t help but moan loudly with the thrusts.  I forgot that Cassie was in the room with me and would likely make fun of my vocal outbursts later.

On the top bunk Cassie was getting pummeled by Ian.  He was not interested in pleasing girls.  He treated them like they were just some place for him to cum.  And soon he did just that.  A moment later, Keaton did the same inside of me.

I had mentally claimed Keaton early in the evening, but he seemed to favor Cassie.  But now I lay in Keaton’s strong arms, having just brought him to orgasm as we drifted off to sleep.

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