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A puff of thick smoke emerged from Alicia's lips as she exhaled.  Her joint was almost finished and she was beginning to relax.  She had nervously fidgeted in the truck all the way from her house, prompting Bob to roll her a large joint.  It had definitely taken the edge off, but Alicia was still apprehensive about what she was doing.  She couldn't sit still and anxiously paced around the living room. 

After arriving at Bob’s house, Alicia changed into an outfit he bought her for the occasion.  Her parents would not have let her leave dressed like a prostitute.  But if that is her job, she thought she should dress the part.  She wore a tight red low-cut shirt with a push-up bra, a tight black skirt, and high-heeled boots.

After a drink of some unknown concoction, the doorbell rang.  Alicia was officially in business.

A thin man wearing a black shirt and jeans stepped in and greeted Bob.  He had a low-class appearance about him.  His hair was greasy and slicked back and he had small beady eyes which cast their gaze up and down Alicia's body. 

"Alicia, this is Leon.  He's been wanting to meet you."

Bob gently guided Alicia toward Leon.   Leon stepped next to Alicia and put his arm around her small waist. 

"Hi Alicia.  You're more beautiful than Bob said."

Alicia smiled awkwardly.  "Thank you."

Christine sat in the kitchen eating a Popsicle, unaware of what was going on in the next room.  Her legs swung playfully under the chair as she licked her icy treat.

In the living room, Leon pulled a wad of bills from his pocket and smacked it into Bob's waiting hand.  Alicia did not know that it was twice as much as she would be receiving.  Bob directed the couple to his bedroom and shut the door.

About thirty minutes later, the door squeaked open.  Leon stepped out with a slight smile on his face.  Bob and Christine were watching TV together when Leon strolled into the living room.  He was still buckling his belt as he walked.

"So how was it, Leon?"

"Well worth it, man.  I'll definitely be back.  I'll tell some friends too.  She's one tight little jam."

"Yeah, I know.  She's amazing."

"Before long you'll have hundreds of guys out here wanting their turn on her.  Hope she can handle it."

"I'm sure she can.  She's a tough girl."

Christine was fixated on the TV and oblivious to what the men were talking about.  Soon Leon exited and Bob stepped gingerly back to his bedroom.

Alicia was laying on her stomach with her head hanging over the edge of the bed.  Her hair was tussled and her back was damp with sweat.  Bob lay down beside her and patted her bare butt.

"So how are you feeling, baby?"

"Kinda gross," Alicia croaked out.

Bob took her small hand in his and placed a fifty in it.  "Does that make you feel any better?" he asked.

Alicia rolled over slowly and sat up.  She looked at the money and then turned her head to Bob.  She smiled and said, "Yes, it does."

He smiled back at her.

"Now I think I'll take a shower and get his smell off of me," Alicia giggled.

She picked up her clothes that were strewn around the floor.  Bob pulled the sheets off of the bed and took them to the washing machine located in a closet off of the kitchen.  Against Christine's wishes, Bob put her to bed and awaited Alicia.  Alicia came out of the bathroom and sat on the couch with Bob.  He stroked her wet hair while she laid her head on his chest.

"So when is the next time?" she asked innocently.

"I don't know exactly.  It will be more frequent now.  You're out of school now, right?  Can you come over during the week?"

"Yeah, sure."

Alicia pulled the money out of her pocket and counted it again.  She peered up into Bob's blue eyes.  "I'm going to be a rich girl pretty soon." She giggled and shoved the money deep into her pocket. 

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