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“Everyone, please relax and have a good time.  You’ve earned it!”  Alex grinned and raised his glass of fine wine.

The building’s lobby was full of professional marketing executives, ad reps, and other key members of Wise Media, Inc.  Alex Wise had grown his company from a small startup ten years ago to one of the biggest advertising agencies in the country.  Tonight they were celebrating a record-setting year and Alex was rewarding his staff with a lavish cocktail party.  It was late winter in Washington D.C. and everyone’s morale could use a little boost.

As Alex finished his speech, Taryn Albright bounced to his side.  Alex placed his hand near the small of her back and drew her body against his.  Her large breasts were attempting to peek out from behind the low cut black cocktail dress as they pressed into Alex’s torso, impeding his breathing.  Her piercing eyes were her only asset that could compete with her breasts for attention.  She had the type of eyes that seemed to stare into your soul, or at least into your pants.  Her brown hair had a very slight wave to it and tickled the tops of her bare shoulders.  Although she only stood about 5’3”, she was no waif.   She had some meat on her bones which was toned by many hours at the gym.  In her younger years, Taryn had done some amateur modeling, but Alex had made her give it up when he offered her a position with his company.  As a businessman, he required his girlfriend to appear professional even though her position was due to her affiliation with the CEO and not her job skills.

At 28, Taryn was 12 years younger than her boyfriend.  Alex despised the term “boyfriend” but refused to put a ring on her finger.  Alex’s marriage of seven years ended in a bitter divorce 11 years ago and he vowed never to marry again.  Since then, Alex founded Wise Media Inc. and dated many attractive younger women.  He and Taryn had been an item for nearly three years.

“This wine is amazing, honey,” Taryn slurred.  Obviously, she had partaken of a few glasses already.  Her eyes and posture suggested that she was feeling rather frisky, but that would have to wait.  Mr. Wise had to work the crowd and attend to his duties as a gracious host.  It was neither the first nor last time Taryn would take a back seat to business.

Alex Wise dressed the part of a successful businessman.  The Armani suit fit him perfectly.  He was tall and thin for a man of 40.  His blue eyes peered through his wire rim glasses as he surveyed the crowd and greeted his associates.  He knew all of his managers by name but the laboring drones of the company were nameless faces.   Alex shook the hands of many employees but didn’t care to engage them at any deeper level.

One of those laboring drones in the crowd was Help Desk Tech, Austin McNeal.  He made no attempt to schmooze with the CEO.  He preferred to keep a low profile, both at work and in his personal life.  Austin had been shy most of his life and preferred the company of computers to other human beings.  At work he stayed within his close circle of associates, only interacting with the other employees as a necessary component of his position.  He did give special attention to one member of the marketing department, Taryn Albright.

Although he rarely encountered Taryn at work, he thought about her often.  Austin first met Taryn at a corporate function similar to this one.  He was struck by her beauty and had endeavored for future contact ever since.  However, he felt confident that she probably didn’t even remember him.

Austin had little desire to spend so much of his free time at a company function.  However, he wouldn’t allow himself to leave while Taryn was still there.  He spent most of the evening halfheartedly mingling with his coworkers while keeping one eye on Taryn.

The party began to wind down and Alex and Taryn made a graceful exit.  Alex had arranged for an employee to drive him and his girlfriend back to the Wise estate.  He did this partially for safety reasons since they had consumed many glasses of wine, but he also wanted to keep his hands free.  The couple slipped into the backseat of the car which then eased into the D.C. streets.

They kissed and fondled each other passionately in the backseat of the company car.  As Taryn’s body slouched in the leather seat, her cocktail dress rode up, revealing her black panties.  Alex’s right hand caressed her bare thigh.  Taryn moaned softly as she kissed her handsome boyfriend.  She didn’t see the driver adjust his rearview mirror. 

The strap of Taryn’s dress fell off of her shoulder when Alex squeezed her left breast.  She thought they might go at it right there in the car.  She could feel Alex’s erection pressing against her leg.  Just as she was ready to go for it, the car slowed to a stop in front of the Wise estate.

Alex lifted himself off of Taryn and stepped out of the car.  Taryn noticed the rearview mirror angled downward.  She slipped her dress down over her thighs and adjusted the shoulder straps.

“Goodnight, Edward,” she said with a wink.  “Sweet dreams.”

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