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E R O T I C  e B O O K S

by Jamie Agee

Into the Trap

Sci-fi eBook - Into the Trap

Science Requires Sacrifice

Lacey Paige knows nothing about The Angels of Avalon or what her older sister has endured. When she is abducted by JHI, she gains firsthand knowledge of the sinister organization and finds herself the victim of human experimentation.

Meanwhile, Alex Paige has helped six other victims escape from JHI, but her little sister remains captive. Frustrated by the government’s lack of progress, Alex takes matters into her own hands. After learning of Lacey’s location, she ventures into the secret JHI camp.

The sisters’ reunion is not what they hoped for. Alex soon learns she is the bait in JHI’s trap. They both experience a new level of pain and humiliation at the hands of JHI, where one will pay the ultimate price.

Packed with action, drama, sex, and violence, Into the Trap is the third installment in The Angels of Avalon saga, an erotic sci-fi adventure series.

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