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E R O T I C  e B O O K S

by Jamie Agee

Angels of Avalon

Sci-fi eBook - Angels of Avalon

Six ordinary college students at the University of Avalon wake up naked in a laboratory and discover they have been physically altered. Each has wings surgically attached to their spine, turning them into real-life angels.

Trying to unravel the mystery and escape from their captivity, they discover new abilities unique to each individual which mimic superpowers.

With their lives in upheaval, the students try to adapt to their altered bodies while running from JHI, the sinister organization that seeks to control them and their abilities.

Alex Paige, a former JHI participant, takes the Angels under her wing. However, they aren't sure if Alex's allegiance still lies with JHI. Struggling to gain their trust and wrestling with the sins of her past, Alex takes on the responsibility of protecting the Angels.

But when her little sister is kidnapped by JHI, Alex faces a difficult choice: deliver the Angels, or her sister dies. Will she betray her friends to save herself and her sister?

Packed with action, drama, sex, and violence, Angels of Avalon begins a sci-fi adventure series which will leave you aching for the next installment.

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