Brandon unlocked the hotel room door and guided Veronica inside.  She walked straight to the window and opened the curtain.  They were on the top floor of a mid-rise hotel in downtown Avalon with a peaceful view overlooking the city lights.  She gazed toward the open sky and at the window itself.

Satisfied, Veronica spun around to see Brandon seated on the bed.  Inching slowly toward him, she ran her fingers through her long dark hair and pouted seductively.  She leaned forward and kissed Brandon softly on the lips.

Brandon could feel himself engorging.  He held the sides of Veronica’s face while reclining on the bed.  She climbed onto him as they continued kissing.  Brandon wasn’t sure if he was a good kisser but it didn’t seem to matter to Veronica.  She appeared ready to devour him.

  He wasn’t used to such an aggressive woman and couldn’t help feeling overwhelmed.

Veronica released his lips and slid down his torso.  She hurriedly unfastened his pants and pulled them past his hips.   She looked up at Brandon and smiled as she slipped his boxers down.  Her eyes widened indicating she was impressed with his size, though Brandon was sure she’d seen bigger.

Veronica grabbed it with one hand and slid her fingers down the shaft.  She squeezed as she pulled her hand back toward the head.  She touched her tongue to the base and slowly dragged it upward.  Once she reached the tip, she flicked her tongue several times to tease him further.  Then her mouth opened wide. 
Brandon held his breath as he watched Veronica’s lips glide onto him.  Her thick lips and long tongue caressed every inch of his shaft.  She took all of him into her mouth.

Brandon stroked her long dark hair as she orally pleasured him.  Veronica was an expert.  It was the best blowjob he ever had.  He just hoped he wouldn’t blow his load too soon.
Veronica lifted her head but continued stroking him with one hand.

She gazed into his eyes and bit her lip.  “I have a secret,” she said softly.

“What is it?” he sighed.

“I have wings too.”

Brandon propped himself up on his elbows.  “What?”

Veronica grabbed the bottom of her shirt and raised it over her head.  Brandon barely noticed her oversized breasts when her black wings unfurled behind her back.  She wasn’t wearing a bra – no women with wings could.  He lay there wide-eyed and confused, staring up at Veronica’s topless winged torso.

“Are you…?”

Veronica nodded her head.  “I’m one of you.”

Of course there are others out there, he thought.  Dr. Mahoney performed these experiments on many people before us.

Veronica’s wings looked different than Brandon’s and the other Angels.  They were thin and black, more closely resembling bat wings. 
Her long dark hair, devilish eyes, and black wings made her look more like a demon than an angel.

“Where did you come from?  Are there others?”

Brandon had hundreds of questions, but Veronica shushed him.

“We’ll talk later.  First things first.”

Veronica slipped out of her pants and panties, revealing her shaved crotch.  She was even more stunning once she was nude.  Brandon had never been with a woman this hot and certainly not one with wings.  He couldn’t wait to be inside her.

He stripped off his baggy shirt, revealing his Angel uniform underneath.  Each Angel wore a black uniform made of aramid fibers and bulletproof plates. 
The tops were open in the back to allow for their wings and featured a golden angel on the chest.  Alex insisted that they wear their uniforms at all times.  They often wore baggy shirts with their protective garments underneath.  Some of them thought Alex was being overly paranoid, but she erred on the side of caution.

Veronica smiled when Brandon dropped his uniform vest on the floor.

She climbed onto the bed and straddled Brandon.  He already knew she was aggressive and was not surprised that she took charge in bed.  She held his erection and guided it inside of her.  Brandon moaned when he felt her warmth.  As they began to undulate, Brandon knew he was in for the ride of his life.  The motion quickly intensified.  Veronica’s wings waved behind her, echoing the motion of her body.  Gripping Brandon’s shoulders, she pounded against his hips.

Brandon gazed up at her dazzling body as it began to glisten with sweat.  He slid his hands from her waist to her chest.  Her breasts were obviously enhanced.  Her implants appeared very similar to Alex’s and were probably put there by Dr. Mahoney as well.  She was also very muscular, much like Alex.  He often compared his dates to Alex, but they always fell short… until now.  In the dim light, Brandon could easily imagine it was Alex who was riding him.

Brandon had daydreamed about Alex Paige since the first time he saw her.  She was Dr. Mahoney’s teaching assistant, and Brandon frequently ogled her during his Biology 101 class.  At that point, he had no idea about the clandestine organization that she and Dr. Mahoney represented. 
Though his body and his life had been drastically altered, his new circumstance meant spending more time with Alex and getting to know her on a personal level.  Despite their age difference, Brandon desired intimate contact with his superior.  However, Alex kept their interactions professional and did not share Brandon’s feelings.  Since he couldn’t have Alex, Veronica was the next best thing.

Veronica fell onto Brandon’s body so that her firm breasts pressed against him.  She wrapped her arms around his back, pinning his wings against his body.  Brandon felt constricted but assumed this was part of her passionate embrace.

Veronica’s wings began to beat intensely.  Brandon wondered if she was about to come.  Then he felt himself lifted from the bed. 
Once they were airborne, Veronica flew Brandon across the room and smashed through the large window with a thunderous crash.   Shattered glass rained onto the street below as she carried him into the night sky.

The hotel room that had been filled with passionate moans was now cold and quiet.  Brandon and Veronica’s clothes still lay strewn on the floor.

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