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Erotic eBook - Push & Pull

Push & Pull

Don't let Michael's rock star image fool you.  He is a shy conservative young man who is looking for a good woman.  His intentions become misguided when he is introduced to a wild child named Leanne.

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Erotic eBook - Tangled Web

Tangled Web

Note:  This title is available ONLY from this website.  It's too naughty for Amazon and Smashwords.

Alicia Tanner considers herself the black sheep of the affluent Tanner family.  She routinely experiments with alcohol, drugs, and sex while her parents remain blissfully unaware.

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Erotic eBook - Wild Side

Wild Side

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Taryn Albright is a sexy and adventurous young woman with a free spirit.  She loves attention and to be desired.

Her life became much more conservative after becoming involved with Alex Wise, the CEO of Wise Media Inc.  She gave up her aspirations of modeling for an executive position with her boyfriend's company.  Alex loves Taryn but treats her like a possession. 

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